Summer Performance Academy and Goalkeeper Clinics 2021

Summer Performance Academy

WESA's 5-week outdoor summer program will provide players a template to work within the 4 corners of soccer, physical, technical, psychological, and social. This format still provides the fun elements in soccer but now includes detailed and in-depth sessions that cover the 4 corners listed through a 5-week program. The 4-corner model is proven to help develop all-around players on and off the field through the fundamentals they practice and replicate within sessions using the 4 corners. Players will participate in 2 sessions a week for 5 weeks.

Session 1: The first session will mainly focus on the technical and physical corners, players will develop their technical side of the game, ranging from short passes, long passes, short-range finishing, scanning, first touch, body position to receive the ball, the technique of heading (age dependent), creating natural spin on the ball, 1v1/2v2/3v3 defending technique. The physical corner will include speed, agility, quickness, power, balance, coordination. This session will lean very heavily on developing the small aspects of the player that make the biggest differences in games.

Session 2: In this session we will focus on the nature of the game and the tactics inside it, hitting the social and psychological corners with a small overlap within technical and physical. Players will predominantly focus on applying the technique from session 1 in a challenging but safe environment. They will understand correct warm up and cool down, passing patterns, formations, on and off the ball decision making, movement on and off the ball, communication, dealing with offside (as a goalkeeper, defender and forward), keeping possession of the ball as a team, and teamwork. All these attributes are incredibly important in the modern-day soccer player.

Running Technique Sessions: Players will go through 3 x 30 minute sessions throughout the program with Mitchell Robertson who is a multi sport, profesional coach from South Africa. Mitchell will help players get faster, improve running technique, improve efficiancy, develop running agility and overall help players connect their mind and body better while running, with and without a soccer ball.


Friday Goalkeeper Clinics

Age groups will be split up to allow correct development, players will develop on the foundations of being a goalkeeper while adding extra tools to their goalkeeper toolbox. Players will go through the process of diving, catching, command of their area, GK communication, types of saves, footwork and much more.

PROGRAM DATES: June 28th-July 30th, 2020
Age groups will be kept together when able to e.g. U19 Boys and Girls
(If numbers do not allow age group to be kept together, age groups will split e.g. U15 Boys and U19 Boys, and split again into those groups to provide a better age group experience.)


10U: 2012-2013
12U: 2010-2011
15U: 2007-2009 (2007 Fall 2021 8th Grade)
19U: 2007-2003 (2007 Fall 2021 9th Grade)

Performance Academy Price: $250
Goalkeeper Clinic Price: $150



  • Registration is for entire program.
  • Players can register for both programs
  • Weekly or daily registrations are not available due to the nature of the program.
  • Refunds will not be given for missed sessions, please see WESA refund policy below.



Please register before June 18th, all registrations received June 19th onwards will be subject to a $25 late fee.
All registrations received after June 18th will not be guaranteed a place on the program and are subject to current registration numbers.
Registration will close on June 25th, any registrations after this date will be denied.


WESA Refund Policy HERE

If you need to pay registration fees in installments, please contact Kristin at