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Winter Futsal and Indoor PDP

WESA is happy to announce registration is open for our 2024 Winter programs, Winter Futsal, and Indoor PDP. Parents can register for each program individually or can save money by registering for both at the same time through the links below. All registration and payment links are at the bottom of the page.

Please note that U19 Boys and Girls will not have an Indoor PDP session due to their Spring seasons

U10-U19 Sunday Night Futsal
U10-U15 Indoor PDP
U10-U15 Sunday Night Futsal and Indoor PDP

If you have any questions with regard to our programs, please contact the WESA office at

Winter Futsal

Program Information

If our players are exposed to the actual game of Futsal and, in the early stages coaching is kept to a minimum, then very quickly they will develop a “feel” for the game. These players will also enjoy the Futsal experience so much more as this approach becomes more about playing than formal coaching. Once players see Futsal as a real option for their future development then they will look for more information from the coach. Coaching within this program will ideally be structured so that no more than 25% of the total session time is taken up by pure technical delivery on behalf of the coach, and the remainder is allocated to playing the game.
Teams will play 5v5 with subs if needed

Requirements: Please bring indoor shoes that are different from the ones used to walk into the school, water, and shin guards.

Benefits of Futsal

  • Players touch the ball up to 210% more than playing indoor soccer with walls
  • Presents many opportunities to score, with limited space, out-of-bounds, constant pressure and ball skills constantly improve.
  • Maximizes active participation due to 5v5 nature, action is continuous, so players have no time to stop and watch
  • Encourages regaining possession of the ball as a method of defending
  • Players enjoy the fast-paced, skill-orientated game that tests their abilities, allowing the game to be the teacher
  • An increase of 35% in the number of passes
  • An increase of 260% in the number of shooting attempts
  • An increase of 500% in the number of goals scored
  • An increase of 225% in the number of 1v1 encounters
  • An increase of 280% in the number of dribbling moves (inc skills & tricks)

Dates, Cost & Schedule

PROGRAM DATES: Saturday (U10/U12) & Sunday (U15, U19) January 6-February 25

PROGRAM COST: $175 ($225 from December 15, 2023)




U10 and U12 are merged as in the last 3 years we have had to merge due to numbers. If we have enough register, we will look to split.

Futsal Rules

  • Limited Bounce Ball – Size 3 or 4
  • The game is played to boundary lines, not walls.
  • No throw in’s, just kick in’s
  • 4 seconds to play the ball back in when it is out (4 seconds from being in the ready position)
  • Rolling substitutions
  • Teams are comprised of four outfield players and one goalkeeper.
  • There is no offside in futsal

The Goalkeeper

  • They may not possess the ball for more than four seconds in their own half
  • May not score a goal by using their hands (cannot throw or hit the ball directly into the goal)
  • Cannot touch the ball again in any way within their own half after releasing the ball into play unless an opponent has touched it, or it has gone out of play

Standard rules of soccer apply in all other areas

Indoor PDP (Player Development Program)

Program Information

Indoor PDP (Player Development Program) is all about developing first touch and quick thinking, players will be put into sessions that constantly provide this challenge level. A player who can think quickly will always be a success on a soccer field. We want all WESA players to be creative, thinking before the moment has even happened and knowing what they are going to do on the ball before they receive it. Players will go through a 6-week program to improve their first touch, decision-making, pass variety, working in tight spaces, movement on and off the ball, body position to receive the ball, individual technique development, and much more. All of this with the fun element of Futsal-type scrimmages thrown in there to use all the skills above in-game situations.

Program Layout
10U - 15U: Two x 2-hour sessions per week
Either 1 weekday and Sunday OR Saturday and Sunday

Practices will be split into 2 sections with the overall aim of developing the mind, feet, comfort levels on the ball, and FUN.

  • Technical/Skill/SAQ sessions with a ball
  • Small-sided scrimmage (Futsal)

Dates, Cost & Schedule

PROGRAM DATES: March 1 – April 7, 2024
COST: $200 ($250 from February 16, 2024)

We are working with limited gym space, and the times and days of the sessions reflect this. 

2/3/24 Space Update
U10 & U12 Boys -  FULL
U10 & U12 Girls - 4 spots remaining
U15 Boys - 6 spots remaining
U15 Girls - 6 spots remaining

Spots are taken on a first-come, first-serve basis. Our system does not have a way to stop sign-ups once we go past the limit, if you register and all spots are taken, we will issue a full refund.

Winter Futsal and Indoor PDP Combined Registration

COST: 10U-15U $325

Registering for both programs is a commitment to both programs. This helps us understand how many players we have in limited gym space. Please register for these programs with a commitment to play.

Financial Assistance

Winter Futsal and Indoor PDP Combined -  CLICK HERE  (Deadline of December 1)
Winter Futsal ONLY -
CLICK HERE (Deadline of December 1)
Indoor PDP ONLY - CLICK HERE (Deadline of February 2)

Refund Policy


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